Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

(604) 657 9990
#2 1349 Mahon Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 2Z2, Canada

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Welcome To Edge Consulting - Vancouver Business Consulting Firm - Canada

Edge Training & Consulting is a performance consulting firm that specializes in the development and integration of strategies, processes and people through the management of information and knowledge. The hallmark of our mature lines of service is our weaving of knowledge-management tools and techniques into each one. With over 20 years of evolution sex shop behind our services, we can confidently claim to be knowledge integration leaders.

Come on in, get acquainted with the team, and find out more about this knowledge integration stuff!sex shop

Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC - Canada


Can You Keep a Secret?

Here's a secret you are welcome to share! 

Edge wants to help your organization comply with Canadian and Provincial privacy requirements.

We have years of experience in:

  • Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Developing Privacy Policies & Procedures
  • Aligning Business Operations with Privacy Requirements
  • Establishing Privacy Awareness Programs
  • Implementing Incident Management Programs
  • Conducting Privacy Audits

Did you know that your largest privacy risk is your employees?

Over 85% of all privacy breaches are the result of mistakes made by well-intentioned employees they don't know the precautions they should take while collecting, accessing, using or safeguarding customers' or employees' personal information. 

In Canada, privacy is the law.  At Edge, privacy means sound business practices that support your business goals, not get in their sex shop way. 

Call us to find out other secrets we are happy to share! sex shop

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