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Impact from the Baby Boomers Go Golfing workshop

"I am a baby boomer and frankly I plan to go golfing sooner than later. I began to dream about standing on the fairway on a sunny Tuesday morning.  What brought me up short was the fact that I was unable to really enjoy the thought of leaving my organization without first doing adequate preplanning and knowledge transfer.

That is when I heard about, and with the full support of fellow grey haired senior managers, signed up for Baby Boomers Go Golfing (BBGG).

The workshop didn't help me lower my golf handicap, but it did provide me with information on the most current thinking on knowledge management and how to apply it (through use of a tool kit) within my organization.

Armed with these new learning's and KM tools I returned to work and was able to immediately apply what I learned in BBGG as well as inform others of the need to have a knowledge management culture. In fact I was so taken with the BBGG workshop that I brought it into our organization and through the workshop we were able to provide KM training to other like minded individuals.  Those individuals became the genesis for our KM working group. As a matter of fact two of the committee even carried on with KM and received a University Level Diploma in KM.

In one short year, through the work of the committee members, our organization has and is applying many of the KM tools we learned at the workshop. For example, KM tools such as community of practices are common place, we have developed and implemented an Expertise locator, we allow for critical positions to have staffing overlap (my position will have a 5 month overlap), most committees use share point as a means of posting/sharing information and documents amongst various members, we are moving toward a KM based internet site, and the list goes on.

What's even more exciting is that through the use of these tools our organization has begun to develop its very own and unique KM culture.
When I leave in six months, and primarily because of what BBGG taught us or the KM seeds it nurtured, I am satisfied that my organization is well positioned to continue on its KM journey without me."

John Mallett
Ministry of Forests

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