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Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


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Knowledge Management - Edge Consulting - Vancouver BC

At Edge, we've taken a disciplined approach to researching knowledge management and to integrating KM principles into our own everyday practices. Beating the trend has given us time for a mature understanding of knowledge management. We hold that:

KM is about recognizing where business processes create knowledge relevant to your mission, then introducing tools and techniques to leverage this knowledge in ways consistent with the dynamics of a learning organization.

What We Do
  • We link your successful planning initiative to KM possibilities.
  • We design KM strategies, KM plans and discussion papers in line with existing strategies.
  • We develop knowledge bases, helping clients envision what is possible with their existing Intranet, document management systems, content management systems, and other tools.
  • For organizations needing to mitigate the risk of loss as retirees depart, we conduct knowledge assessment and analysis of knowledge loss potential
  • We provide a variety of approaches to capturing and disseminating knowledge.
  • We deliver our course "Baby Boomers Go Golfing (pdf)." Interested? Here are some tips and tricks (pdf) for you to download
  • We provide coaching and advice to KM Working Committees, KM Managers, and other KM-dedicated employees.
Skills We Bring
  • KM strategy building
  • Knowledge analysis
  • Content integration and architecture
  • Content management
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