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Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


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People Power! - Edge Consulting - Vancouver BC

When we talk about people power, we're referring to all aspects of performance improvement in the workplace at the level of the individual.

Business in Vancouver has repeatedly identified Edge as "BC's largest training company" because dozens of clients return to us after we've helped them build learning organizations that reward and support workers' curiosity, collaborative outreach and desire for continuous improvement.

And what could be more durable, or more closely integrated with your operations, than work-enabled learning or work-embedded learning?

What We Do
  • Assess performance-needs, gaps and strategies at all levels including training, career development, performance management systems, etc.
  • Facilitate workshops on leadership, management development, and organizational change.
  • Help people affected by change to adjust from what has been to what is to be - i.e., transition management.
  • Establish knowledge channels, communities of practice, remote work strategies and Intranet strategies.
  • Design, develop and deliver blended learning solutions (including e-learning and instructor-led).
  • Develop "how-to" procedures that are linked to your processes.
  • Provide certified facilitators using Myers-Briggs, Insights and a variety of other psychometric evaluation, team-building and communication tools (right solution for the right problem).
Skills We Bring
  • Facilitation
  • Customized organizational development through collaboration and KM integration
  • Instructional design
  • Content writing
  • Transition/change planning and management
  • Performance analysis and improvement
  • Team building

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