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Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


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Process Improvement - Edge Consulting - Vancouver BC

Our conviction about the value of business process improvement has inspired us to a superb track record. We're known for a robust, continuously improving methodology supported by templates and tools that complement our coaching and training to leave clients happily self-sufficient.

What We Do
  • The whole enchilada. We work with your team for interviews, workshops and change management and are generous with knowledge transfer. Our deliverables are known for being implementation-ready.
  • Conduct best practices research.
  • Reinvent and/or redesign your processes as required.
  • Develop knowledge maps.
  • Build entire methodologies and toolkits for process improvement in your organization.
  • Assess loss-of-knowledge risks to your organization and build continuity planning strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • Determine benchmarks and performance measures.
  • Provide you with an opportunities database.
  • Help you through the transition to implement the new processes.
  • Create associated reward structures.
  • Train your staff to ensure ongoing continuous improvement after Edge leaves.
  • Prepare new Business Analysts to expect that meeting Edge standards means many grey hairs for them!
Skills We Bring
  • Facilitation
  • Business analysis
  • Transition/change planning and management
  • Project management
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