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Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

Services Overview - Edge Consulting - Vancouver BC

The Knowledge Worker Age is finally in full swing, and truly, radical change is the norm in organizational life. Peter Drucker coined the term "knowledge worker" back in 1969. Even then, he said "To make knowledge work productive will be the great management task of this century...." This is the essence of all Edge services -- to help staff and managers perform as effectively as possible, develop capabilities, and get the desired results. At Edge, we enable you to approach all change as an opportunity for greater effectiveness.

Services Overview - Edge Consulting - Vancouver BC
Whether serving clients in the upswing or downswing of a business cycle, Edge consultants have steadily enhanced their practices and tools for performance improvement in these areas:
Knowledge Management knowledge sharing and collaboration as part of everyday practice
People Power! performance improvement at the level of the individual
Process Improvement across business lines
Strategic Planning facilitated meetings that give shape to the future but no time to lip service
Tools For Success using a broad definition of “tool”
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