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Edge Performance Consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC


edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

edge performance consultants - Vancouver BC

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Edge Team: A Group Interview

"Edge is a company that does things right but is small enough to be in touch with its people."

Hubert St. Onge, the “human capital” expert, might have been talking about Edge when he said you can deliver to customers only what you experience internally. According to this view, Edge does things right  because it is in touch with its people, or, as a different team member puts it:

“Flexibility in interpersonal relations is exactly why Edge excels as a client-focused consulting company.”

Flexibility and versatility go hand in hand.

“Edge has a very diverse client base, and this provides all of us Edge ‘peeps’ with the opportunity to be exposed to an amazing spectrum of industries, business activities and people.”

Members stay on top of best practices with “Edge-U-cation."

 “Another reason I am at Edge is the regular networking/knowledge-sharing/collaboration events known as Edge-U-cation sessions. These events are similar to a community of practice or a 'salon.'”

Knowledge management with heart

The fact that Edge-U-cation is a tradition shows how long the company has been building knowledge management into its practices. Edge associates can be confident that they’re trend-setters able to give genuine leadership to clients.

“[CEO] Michelle has created and continues to foster an Edge network of support which helps each consultant bring added value to the project they are working on.”

The way things are done around Edge is by knowledge sharing, so team members continually redefine “high quality of work products” for each other and keep the standard moving up.

“I am continually impressed with the quality of work produced by Edge consultants as well as the variety of projects and industry sectors that Edge is involved with.”

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